When you were a kid, finding a tutor to help you with your math homework was as simple as running down the street and knocking on the door of someone a little older than you to give you the help you need. Those days are long gone. Your local teenager looking to earn a few extra bucks has been replaced by professional tutors, both online and face to face. Online tutors are often more convenient than meeting with face to face tutors, but how do you really know if using an online tutor is a smart choice for your child?

The truth is that you won’t know with 100% certainty until your child begins interacting with an online tutor. However, there are a few questions you should know before you hire an online tutor.

What is online tutoring? Online tutoring provides your child with an opportunity to sit with a subject matter expert. However, rather than sitting across the table from the tutor, he or she is interacting via online video conference. You don’t have to drive anywhere and you can pay quickly and easily with a debit or credit card. But, while online tutoring does provide a few conveniences over traditional tutoring, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

PRO: Convenience. As mentioned above, using an online tutor is incredibly convenient. No more fighting rush hour traffic. No more missing important extracurricular activities. And no more high fuel bills. Your child can enjoy online tutoring anywhere there is an internet connection, any time of the day, even if that means never getting dressed and leaving home.

CON: Higher level of self discipline. It is easy for children to become distracted with other tasks such as emails, instant messages, social media and other activities that are available on the computer. This is especially true for younger children who lack the experience necessary to remain disciplined on their own. In addition, younger children can sometimes feel intimidated and not speak up when things aren’t making sense.

PRO: It works well in emergency situations. Online tutoring sessions are individual sessions rather than a perpetual subscription service. This means that if your child realizes that they haven’t spent enough time preparing for a test, taking in a session of online tutoring might be enough to bridge that gap. In addition, they work well for refresher coursework.

CON: It works better for some subjects than others. Unfortunately, there are just some subjects that are difficult to teach online. That’s why most educational institutions don’t teach them online and many tutors won’t tutor on them. For example, foreign language tutoring can be difficult to teach online because it can be difficult to pick up on slight mouth movements and inflections. In addition, subjects that require homework tasks to be completed on paper can prove to be somewhat more difficult. Many online tutors use special online tools to overcome this particular challenge.

PRO: There are more tutors to choose from. Since there aren’t any geographic constraints, you have the opportunity to choose from a much larger pool of possible tutors. This helps you find the right tutor for your child as well as your schedule.

CON: It’s more expensive. If you are basing your tutor choice on economic factors alone, online tutoring will rarely, if ever, be less expensive than a traditional tutor. However, it’s important to point out that you get what you pay for. Most online tutors have much more education and experience than those found in your local neighborhood. This means that you will pay more for their time. However, your child will receive a greater value for your money.

So, is hiring an online tutor a smart move on your part? The answer is, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for help across the board, you might consider hiring a local academic to provide such a wide range of expertise. However, if you are looking for help in a specific area, need emergency help, or need tutoring in a highly specified subject, online tutoring may be the best choice.

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