When writing essays and assignments, or learning and developing your English skills, spell and grammar checkers that come with word processors can be extremely helpful. They are designed to edit mistakes, but if you are clever you can use them to not only find and remove mistakes, but get better at English and become a more proficient writer of English. This short guide looks at fragmentation errors and how you can use a word processor to eliminate them.

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Spelling and Grammar Errors

In spellcheck there are two main forms of error which are highlighted if the spellchecker is set to automatic: spelling errors and grammar errors. Spelling errors are highlighted with red underscore, and this includes missing punctuation or the incorrect use of punctuation. The incorrect capitalizations of proper nouns are also highlight with a red underscore.

Grammar errors, such as the incorrect usage of verb conjugations and clauses, are highlighted with a green underscore. For example, in “I seeing you” there is an error between the subject and the verb. In another example “I will walked to the grocery store” the auxiliary verb “will” is in conflict with the verb conjugation “walked”, and the spell checker sees this. The incorrect capitalizations of nouns are also highlighted with a green underscore.

Contextual Errors

There is also another type of error called the contextual error, highlighted with blue underscore. This happens when the word is spelled correctly, but incorrect in the context of the sentence. For example, in “Their was a nice sunflower”, the word processor knows that “Their” is incorrect given the rest of the sentence. In another example, “Everyone has the right to bare arms” the word “bare” is understood as an error.

Ensuring Perfect Grammar

Spellchecker is quite good at catching errors, but it is never perfect. Only proofreading and editing from a real human can ensure that there are absolutely no errors. Editors and proof-readers know the limitations of spell-checks, and so should you when you are doing your assignments. Proofreading services are the most effective way to ensure that your work is good.

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